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Roland EC-10M El Cajon Mic Processor

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Roland EC-10M El Cajon Mic Processor


The Roland EC-10M helps you achieve a powerful, consistent cajon sound at every gig from street to stage, large or small. This unique tool is compact and battery powered with an easy to use clip-on mic that clips onto the sound hole of your cajon. Use as a mic pre-amp or trigger a variety of onboard tones via anywhere on the cajon, integrated A/B foot pads or optional kick trigger pedals for a complex layered acoustic voice. Create percussive phrases with the built in looper for play along or performance and discover complete control of your sound.

Simple, Portable and Lightweight

The Roland EC-10M is simple and easy to use. Simply attach the clip-on mic to your cajon's sound hole and start playing. This lightweight piece of kit can be used anywhere. It runs on four AAA batteries and saves you valuable space on stage compared to a large mic and stand.

Mic Preamp for Rich, Consistent Tone

Functioning as a mic preamp, the EC10M amplifies the acoustic tones of your cajon or layered sounds through an amp or PA helping you achieve a powerful, consistent tone at every gig or studio session. Send the sounds to two independent outputs or mix them as one.

16 Onboard Kits for Layered Sound

The EC-10M's body includes 16 onboard kits including percussion, snares such as the famous TR-808 snare and cajon tones. Layer the EC-10M's tones with the acoustic voice to create unique hybrid sounds or to enhance its natural voice for powerful studio sound. The super sensitive mic allows you to trigger different sounds from the head and edge surfaces so there's no need to adjust your natural playing style in any way.

Trigger Additional Sounds with Foot 

Play additional sounds with two tones for each kit pre-assigned to the onboard A/B foot pads for triggering toe taps. If you'd prefer to play these sounds with authentic foot techniques and a more solid feel, up to two Roland kick trigger pedals (KT-10, KT-9, or KD-7) can be connected. (A splitter cable, such as the optional PCS-31L, is required to connect two kick trigger pedals to the EC-10M).

Instant Percussive Backings

A built in looper gives you creative electronic sounds. Although you can't save your recorded phrases you can create instant percussive backing for acoustic playing or jamming along with another instrument. Control it using the A/B foot pads and capture electronic sounds from the cajon and external pedals in your loops. Change the kits whilst the loop is playing and the tones in the loop are changed too, providing a nice creative option for even better performances.


  • Easy setup—simply attach the included clip-on condenser mic to the sound hole of the acoustic cajon and start playing.
  • Amplify the acoustic cajon—the EC-10M can be used as a mic preamp for the supplied microphone.
  • A variety of sounds—16 onboard kits with tones including tambourine, shaker, djembe, electronic drums, and more can be layered with the acoustic cajon.
  • Multiple tones—play two different electronic sounds by slapping the edge or head of the acoustic cajon.
  • Add pedals—up to two kick trigger pedals (Roland KT-10, KT-9, or KD-7) can be connected to play additional sounds; integrated A/B foot pads can also trigger sounds.
  • Create loops and play along—a simple looper function allows recording of rhythm phrases using the onboard sounds.
  • Versatile outputs—send the microphone and layered sounds to a PA mixer via two independent outputs, or mix all sounds to one mono output.
  • Two-way power—can be used with four AAA-size batteries (for up to five hours of use*) or included power supply. (Maximum use time will vary depending on the battery specifications, capacity, and conditions of use).


  • Sound Kit Variation: 16
  • Layered Sound Contents: 2 (High, Low)
  • Controls:
    • [Top Panel]
      • POWER switch
      • (MIC) COMPRESSOR knob
      • (MIC) VOLUME knob
      • (ELECTRONIC) VOLUME knob
      • MODE SELECT button
      • A button
      • B button
    • [Left Side]
      • MIC GAIN knob
      • ENHANCE switch
  • Indicators: KIT Number
  • Connectors:
    • TRIGGER INPUT jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
    • MIC INPUT jack: Stereo miniature type (Use included clip mic only)
    • MIC/MIX OUTPUT jack (MONO): 1/4-inch phone type
    • ELECTRONIC OUTPUT jack (MONO): 1/4-inch phone type
    • DC IN jack
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor (DC5.7V) or Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AAA, HR03) x 4
  • Current Draw: 150 mA
  • Expected battery life under continuous use: Approx. 5 hours (can vary depending on the specifications of the batteries, capacity of the batteries, and the conditions of use).
  • Dimensions: 175 (W) x 135 (D) x 55 (H) mm, 6-15/16 (W) x 5-3/8 (D) x 2-3/16 (H) inches
  • Weight: 500 g, 1 lb 2 oz
  • Accessories:
    • Clip Mic
    • Owner's manual
    • AC adaptor
  • Options (sold separately):
    • Kicks: KD-7, KT-9, KT-10
    • Stereo Split Cable: PCS-31L
Brand: Roland
Product Code: EC-10M
Availability: In Stock
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